Cook along with Vinos pairing wines to jerk chicken.

We love to talk food and drink in combination. Doing it with amazingly talented chefs is even more fun. Now on Sunday we get help from Kristian Smith who in the spring released the book ”Roots – Jamaican food & culture”.

Kristian has over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry from both London and Stockholm. In recent years, Kristian has been based in Stockholm, where he has been responsible for the culinary creativity at the world-famous restaurant Flippin ’Burgers and its sister restaurants Lådan & Dogfood.

Kristian will show us how to make Jerk Chicken. Jerk Chicken has a heat that can be difficult to combine with wine, beer is usually the best. Or a classic Caribbean space punch. But Daniella has picked out some wines and will crack the code of what can best suit.

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Hotell & Restaurang

Interview I have done with Annika Radlund for Hotell & Restaurang magazine. We talked about my roots in London, Jamaican food and culture, Hobo XO and my cookbook with Natur & Kultur
Also you can get a peek at one of my recipes from the cookbook escovitch fish. 

Roots Jamaicansk Mat & Kultur Released 15.05.2020!

A year ago it all started on a flight home from USA writing a rough draft about jerk cooking. Fast forward to today and the finished book is in the process of being printed. Now it’s a reality after the work put in by everyone involved at my publisher Natur & Kultur. I am so proud to share a little part of my culture in Sweden.

15th May release the heat!

Street Gastronomy x Bar Agrikultur

I did a guest appearance at the Bib Gourmand Bar Agrikultur where I served a Jamaican menu during one evening.


So humbled by last nights guest appearance at Bar Agrikultur. The positive vibes and great feed back on a menu I am very proud of.
A very big thank you to Joel Åhlin and the Bar Agrikultur team for allowing me into there kitchen. Also for the help in prep and service to put this together! ?????? Who knows maybe we do it again next year!

Lastly thank you to everyone that came and enjoyed the vibe last night!

Photos by Niklas Nyman

Escovitch fish Street Gastronomy x Bar Agrikultur
Joel Åhlin
Fish Tea – Street Gastronomy x Bar Agrikultur
Mexican style beef tartare – Street Gastronomy x Bar Agrikultur
Calalloo – Street Gastronomy x Bar Agrikultur
Jerk Pork Belly Stick – Street Gastronomy x Bar Agrikultur
Hibiskus spiced poached apple – Street Gastronomy x Bar Agrikultur

Singapore chili crab challenge!

Oh how I miss Singapore! Spending New Years Eve 2019 seeing in the new year with my friend, and chef Sebastian Gibrand. We had been reminiscing about our summer trip to New York on what I could say was an epic food quest. Which got us talking about doing it again, and which destinations we should visit. After a few glasses of wine and celebration we decided Singapore was the obvious choice. The next thing you know our flights are booked, and we start planning the trip for May 2019!

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