Singapore chili crab challenge!

Oh how I miss Singapore! Spending New Years Eve 2019 seeing in the new year with my friend, and chef Sebastian Gibrand. We had been reminiscing about our summer trip to New York on what I could say was an epic food quest. Which got us talking about doing it again, and which destinations we should visit. After a few glasses of wine and celebration we decided Singapore was the obvious choice. The next thing you know our flights are booked, and we start planning the trip for May 2019!

Thankfully we have a friend who is a Singaporean native. Who is also a big foodie Rozz! So when we let her know we had booked and was heading over she started organising visits to all her favorite spots to eat.

White pepper crab – JB Ah Meng

One request we had was to try the chili crab which Singapore is famous for. Rozz did not disappoint. From the moment we touched down. Rozz whisked us off to one of her favorite local spots to try the white pepper crab. A messy affair which is something we learned to get used to after diving into a large plate of crabs cooked and doused in a white pepper sauce. This was a very good start to the trip enjoying the sweet crab meat. Along with the subtle white pepper sauce. The two together just worked so well, and a heat level that just rolled nicely.

Black pepper crab – One bed restaurant

Again another local spot for Rozz with no tourists in sight. Here we again ordered a platter of black pepper crab. Cooked crab drenched a black pepper sauce this time. Thick spicy and sticky. With a secret ingredient according to the owners. I personally thought I could taste coffee in the sauce. But unfortunately the secret would not be revealed. The sweat crab meat with the row was perfectly balanced with the black pepper sauce. I must admit this was hot in a nice way. I left satisfied and thinking I wanted to come back again for more.

Chili crab Blue Lotus (Sentosa)

Finally, we had been having so much fun on this trip but sadly it was coming to an end. But we still hadn’t tried the famous chilli crab. So, we booked a table and reserved two crabs for dinner at Blue Lotus recommended by Rozz of course. Now this was the real deal piping hot crabs placed on the table and covered in a thick bright red-hot chili sauce. Luckily, we had been given a bib to wear and protect our clothes from the sauce. With a deep breath we dived in cracking open the crab to get to that sweat meat. Soaking up the sauce with the Mantou bread provided. This definitely had a kick which was just about manageable, but I felt it was a little overpowering to the crab. Don’t get me wrong it was good, really good but was it better than the crabs we have had so far on the trip?

The verdict

Ok I know what you are thinking. The title says chili crab challenge and we had pepper crabs. But it was nice to compare the three different styles of crab. All of which have a spice kick to it and essentially cooked and served in the same way but with different sauces. It’s all personal taste at the end of the day. But Sebastian and I agreed for us the black pepper crab won. Why? It was something about that black pepper sauce. Maybe the secret ingredient who knows. But the heat of the intense heat of the black pepper with its almost sweet & sticky sauce. Just worked so well with the sweet crab meat. The bonus, a rich buttery flavor of the crab row,  just was the icing on the cake. But if you are ever in Singapore give the different styles of crab a try.